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Just place your hands upon your chest

and love your soul mates dearly.

All hearts will feel it. You’ll attest

it’s easy to heal deeply.

Leon of SolitaryThinkers,
September 2014


Soul mates we all have many (only our twin soul is one person), regardless of whether we manage in any current lifetime to re-connect with them in order to continue honoring our soul agreements.


“The Light in our Soul” is the English version of the Greek up-tempo ballad «Το Φως στην Ψυχή» (of which the English title is the exact translation). Music and lyrics written by Κώστας Μπίγαλης (Kostas Bigalis), sung by the beautiful Aquarius lady Έλενα Παπαρίζου (Helena Paparizou):

“Why can’t we give each other love, unconditional true love, look inside us for the light in our soul? Why can’t we heal each other’s heart, never let us fall apart, look inside us for the light in our soul?”

Oh, I think we can; despite the heaviness we all feel inside, maybe even thanks to it, I think we can!