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From an anonymous Greek author somewhere in the Greek-speaking web.
Hier die deutsche Übersetzung.

We were afraid that we would lose our salaries and social benefits, and now our salaries have shrunk to social benefits.

We were afraid that protesting through strikes would cost us wages, and now we’ve lost our jobs altogether.

We were afraid of the economic refugees storming our country, and now we see our own children becoming economic refugees.

We were afraid of the banks going bankrupt, and now the banks are throwing us out of our own homes.

We were afraid that we would lose our savings, and now we are left with no money at all.

We were afraid they would remove our agricultural subsidies, and now they are taking away our very fields.

We were afraid of pension cuts, and now we cannot even afford our medicine.

We were afraid we would be faced with fuel rationing, and now we’ve been massively forced to give up our cars and we live in cold apartments.

We were afraid of poverty and social decline, and now a growing world of fellow citizens survive thanks to soup kitchens and garbage cans.

We were afraid that the pension funds would collapse, and now their reserves have been depleted through the Private Sector Involvement.

We were afraid that the demonstrations in the center of Athens would negatively affect shop sales, and now all Greek city centers are full of locked-up shops.

We were afraid of a direct confrontation with the government, and now we direct our hatred to the civil servants, the freelance professionals, the homeless, the beggars.

We were afraid to make demands on our employers, and now we get annoyed by those who still dare to resist.

We were afraid of the private media propaganda, and we witnessed instead the close-down of the public television.

We were afraid that our life would not be livable without the euro, and now we are left without even a cent for ourselves in our pockets.

We were afraid that there would be only death for us outside the European Union, and now we have unprecedented high mortality rates in infants and children, and a decreased overall life expectancy.

We were afraid to dream of a better life for ourselves, and now our reality has become a living nightmare.