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I promise to hang in there if you will too.

Can you think of a better definition for “life saver”?

Can you resist doing everything in your power to give something back to as many people as possible by passing on the message of what a precious, healing thing love is?

The present post started out as a reply to Cheryl’s last comment to me, which ended with the above-quoted sentence.


Oh sweet Sister, I guess I had this coming. How can I put down in words such a moment of naked truth?

I wasn’t consciously realizing it as I was writing my previous comment, but I see now. It sounded a lot like a goodbye. I guess my soul was trying to get you to promise me, without having to say it out loud, that you would feel stronger if you kept my love in you, that you would make this world shine a little brighter with what we have to give, which I frankly do not see how I can keep on giving.

I have a rare soul agreement with Plutonia and I love her too much to ever leave her, but even her will to go on living here is often weakening. Mine a little more. I feel so unhappy with my not being able or allowed to start unfolding my potential due to all sorts of destructive circumstances, so past the end of my road, like a bright little soul floating around without a body already. At those times I feel there is no such thing as death, I have already crossed the line in that sense, and severing the cord which keeps me tied to my physical vehicle seems the most natural thing to ask for. Many ancient texts reveal that our bodies have been designed to be thriving for hundreds of years, almost a millennium, and that the first one hundred years are the hardest because this is when we have not yet learned to overcome the pain of separation from the people we love. I needed you to try to speed up that process of overcoming the pain, Cheryl. I was trying to get you to silently agree that you would rejoice with my returning home, if my time came too soon even by today’s cattle-breeding standards. Exactly because our connection is so special, I was feeling that it wouldn’t do either you or me any good if I was badly missed. I needed you instead to help me find my way. These things were running in the back of my mind, and I summoned the courage here to make them known to myself, to you, to all members of our true family, a few of whom I am deeply committed to and it hurts me to have completely lost contact with their writings, like with yours, although I am daily sending love, gratitude and protection to each one of you.

I am not allowed to manifest any more miracles in my physical reality here in Greece. Plutonia and I have no income and no savings; we have been struggling so hard all our lives and we always had barely enough to get by, let alone save. Besides our severe family problems, trying to find a paid job here has become ridiculous; I mean completely, humiliatingly ridiculous for everyone, and even more so for the middle-aged. Until recently, there used to be jobs for all sorts of illegal immigrants and not for the local population, for low-cost and no-social-security-obligation reasons. But even for the immigrants now, there are less and less jobs and they are leaving the country in large numbers, like all Greeks who can are leaving, too, literally abandoning their homes because there is no way they can cope with the insane overtaxation, withdrawing whatever money they still have from the banks, threatening in the process the survival of the sickly overblown public sector, which is becoming more and more destructive of what’s left of the once healthy, productive part of our society. Such is the extent of the silently vicious civil war which is fomented here.

Raising awareness on political issues is generally not a significant part of my mission in this lifetime, but this is sociopolitical, and I had to include here another brief mention on the continuously hostile external circumstances we are faced with, or run the risk of being labeled as a whiner or a quiter. I am neither, nor am I inherently suicidal, like the Hellenic people collectively are definitely not. The purpose of the spiritual war that is being reflected on these sacred grounds, invasion after invasion for millennia now, is to be battering the joy of life out of one of the most warmhearted nations, so that our planet remains a soul prison and not the place of love and healing that it is meant to be.

The authorities have orders to be playing humanitarian now, with suicide prevention by any means being a top priority. Even a special cooperation protocol among all of them has been established here, and they are also monitoring what we are writing online, asking also for the worldwide public’s cooperation in this. Inform your local authorities about a Greek guy announcing he is falling off the ledge, and our local authorities will immediately find his physical address from his ISP address and come charging to “save” him.

Been there, seen that already. Can you imagine we’ve already had police officers visiting our apartment? Not once, but twice? Without us having done anything illegal or wrong in any way? The first time was some months ago, before my father-in-law died: he actually sent the police here with the accusation that I had (probably) killed his daughter! Because she refused to continue answering his calls and taking his vulgar cussing attacks against her for choosing to live with useless me instead of staying with her mother. He knew well how to play nice and victim with everyone else and convince too many people (because people naturally believe that parents always care for their offspring) that his daughter and I are really bad people who deserve one another and the worst that could happen to us. And the second time was a couple of months ago, when that dead man’s nephew who is now withholding most of my still-vindictive mother-in-law’s pension (a fraction of which is all we are left to live with; and we are still in danger of losing our apartment, our only home), panicked when Plutonia told him to be well himself, even if he doesn’t believe that we are not at all well, and asked him to leave us alone. Two officers charged into our apartment within less than an hour, trying to “bring us to our senses” like some kind of clumsy psychiatrists.

I tell you, society is falling apart here and we are at the bottom, but it’s also quite hilarious if you look at it philosophically. The crazy Cretan in me has always been running from safety (although none was ever offered to me), has never asked for any guarantees, and still refuses to stop seeing miracles everywhere, our loving connections being the most important miracle of all.

So here, Cheryl, my Sister: I promise. I promise you and everyone else, hand on heart, that I will hang in there. Because you are hanging in there, too. Because no one of us would have reincarnated if we didn’t have heavy issues to resolve in this life. No one has it easier deep inside, and we all need one another. I will be reminding myself of our commitment here every time I feel I cannot stand trudging on anymore. The love in our hearts is worth fighting for. I wept, too, with what we shared recently. I wept while I was sending you my hug and love, and I wept again when I felt that you received it. What makes this magic work is not our words themselves, but the pure heart energy we charge them with. I gratefully know now that, whatever they are doing to us, the awareness of the Divine in us can never be lost.


I thank you All beyond words and thoughts. I thank everyone who understands this message, and those who do not fully, I thank even more. You are here for a reason. Keep the image above I have created for you and apply its message. This is not some kind of romantic chick stuff. Women are naturals at understanding that our hearts are powerhouses of healing energy. Remote healing can be the greatest revelation for us all. Please pass this on. Spread the word. Love heals, not pills.

Let us all embrace and fare well, my friends.

Deep Peace To You.
Listen to this amazing blessing while sending your hugs. I was less than half my age when I first heard it in a Celtic compilation, and I adore it even more today as I mature.