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On your soul’s forsaken shore,

wavelets curl up to your feet,

questions coil about your ankles,

feel the void of bygone dreams,

the dark pain of lifelong shackles,

your cruel separateness from All.

Now your burdens can dissolve;

it’s alright to stop pretending

you can stay here with resolve.

When you’ve offered all you could,

there is nothing more comforting

than the embracing sea of souls.



A rhetorical question
with the power to set you free.
Your beloved eyes are resting
on these lines for just a while,
but their meanings are eternal
and they’re here for you to keep.

Sorrow is not the bigger picture
of what life’s in store for you,
but I know you try to see it
and you can’t, you just cannot.
It’s alright again, you are loved,
there is nothing you do wrong.

I don’t know you in the flesh,
I may never see your words
which your weariness devours,
but I still can feel your presence;
your Light scares my gloom away,
my bright heart’s beating for you.

We are seeing each other through.
Let your doubts please fade, not you:
our world needs your joy and grace.
Just be calm, true, wisely open,
let the purpose of your journey
like a new dawn shine on you.

Yes, our flames may get blown out,
but then A-dios, “To God” we’ll fly;
we’ll have done more than enough
to realign with the Divine.
They are One, Omega and Alpha,
warmly embracing beyond time.

Leon of SolitaryThinkers, August 2014


Thank you so much, beloved friends, for holding me close to your heart, even when our personal and collective hardships here in Greece do not allow me or Plutonia to be blogging or reading or communicating with you at all sometimes. I never leave any of your comments unreplied-to eventually, but we are struggling to take care of all sorts of chaotic things here. We live in constant survival mode, because on top of our continuing joblessness and unbelievable family problems, we are prey to this irrational, globally unprecedented taxation system all year through. It is beyond me to explain in just how many ways they are robbing us of our meager material resources and stealthily draining us of our very life force in this silent war; I can’t stand talking politics anymore. What I want to always stay with you is that you have brought a shower of golden hope into my life, each one of you in your own magical way. You are in my thoughts and prayers every single day.


My Omega is a tribute to the spirits of all people who have known what Edna Pontellier was feeling like at the end of Kate Chopin’s novella “The Awakening”, a favorite feminist reading of my university years originally titled “A Solitary Soul”. Swimming out to eternity has recently been a stress-relieving idea for me, too, as we took a few sea baths in the gulf near our apartment building. I felt like continuing my meditatively athletic crawl, leaving the littered and crowded-due-to-the-crisis, near-urban coast further and further behind me, arms scything through the water under the blazing sun to exhaustion and abandon.

Although our flames do seem to get blown out more often than not, we arrive and depart here by our own choice, something which cannot be proven by the externals of our lives, because it has to do with our timeless soul lessons. Remove our awareness of these lessons, and you remove our very soul, leaving us to be helplessly drifting as empty shells in the darkness of oblivion, feeling as separate grains of sand on a desert planet. We don’t need any of this. What we need is the truth, and the truth is that we are all connected as One Big Heart. (This is a hard science fact, too, and here is the scientist who explains this in the most heartfelt and amazingly comprehensible way.)

If you feel so terribly burdened and cut-off from everyone that I will never get to connect with you cerebrally, please feel that my heart is already yours as you read these lines. If you feel that your words are too few or too feeble to ever do justice to the depth of your despair and to the majesty of your soul, I assure you that there is nothing for you to feel inadequate about, because language is a substitute for a much higher, spiritual communication, which works just fine no matter what, when we choose to open up. So hear my heart behind these words. I am not ever encouraging anyone to give up, but if you find yourself in this place too often, beloved solitary soul out there (and in here; you are in my heart, too, and I’m in yours, so we don’t have to shout), let me softly whisper to you that I understand. Deeply; fully; desperately. I cannot and will not force you to move on to the Alpha again with me, because I am not here to preach anything. I just want you to feel the most tender embrace we can muster with our energy bodies. I love you so much, I feel you as a part of my own journey, and I know your life has a purpose. Saving mine, for instance, until both our souls are ready to soar above all this. Why yearn to embrace somewhere between lives when we can transcend the illusion of separateness right now? I know it works, and here are just two recent examples. Even after this long absence of mine, I gratefully had this exchange with Daniel two days ago…


… and the sheer joy of talking with Cheryl again yesterday:


So, I beseech you, my sweet child of any age, Dare to Live! You are still alive aren’t you? Don’t emphasize “Barely” to me; I have been cut off from human society all my life and I have spent most of it at the Omega. Do not admire me too much, either; my thoughts have not always been the most inspiring place to be, to put it nicely. I don’t care if you think you are a failure or too ugly or too beautiful to be seen among people, if you are blind like Andrea Bocelli below or even missing all limbs (four minutes of Nick Vujicic here), I don’t care if you are suffering in many ways and your soul is crying out “I can’t stand this any longer” over and over again until all other words of your vocabulary evaporate. You, especially you, my friend, are a worthy and lovable person of the brightest kind. It doesn’t matter how long your life is going to be; it is never too short to make the most of every second you have been given. This is what we are all here for. And IF we must almost reach utter despair to realize it, so be it, because it’s worth all the tears and the pain. We are not suffering for nothing, we are not suffering to suffer; we are suffering in order to remember how to really Love again. Keep this Light within you and let it expand out into the world; let it work as a magnet for more unconditionally loving hearts to honor you and to celebrate life with you.