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A grand gate opened this April in the sky
for us to ascend to a higher awareness.
The planets’ dance shows a shift
away from fear, towards true love,
an unimagined heart awakening
to ancient truth and wisdom.

Does this sound rosy? It’s not quite.
Α massive stellar influence
mixing celestial with earthly plight,
this giant Cross exceeds us.

We are free spirits born here trapped;
our core is intact but the eyes deceive,
and those who frown and ask “who’s trapped?”
are sadly immersed in manufactured dreams.

Our captors conceitedly believe
they cannot ever get accused
for mocking purposes divine,
making us unawares collaborate
in setting up dream factories
that only feed the tame
and never let them leave.

Shall we now please stop our sacred lives
from being reduced to deadening illusions?

Our might of old is as close as our heart.
This celestial choreography is all about
us protecting one another’s warmth,
kindling our flames as easily as with
an honest word, a caring thought,
honoring the other as a self we once knew
and we will know yet again and suffer in,
unless we act now to ease their suffering.
We cannot have us failing each other,
beloved fellow travelers.


And if you already feel you’ve had enough,
I know, my sweethearts;
trust me, I do;

It’s “Make”;
NOT “Break”!
You hear me?

Leon of SolitaryThinkers, June 11, 2014

A million thanks to our Plutonic sister Willow. Suicide Prevention Post: You are Loved & You Are Needed. Stay Here With Me.