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The following article was written by the sociopedagogue Kosmas Loumakis one and a half years ago. Things have been getting worse and worse for the poor who are trapped here in Greece ever since. Our country of Light has been turned into a mortal trap, and the war against the Light has no end, because there can BE no end to the Light, only to the illusion of darkness. More and more souls have been leaving us since November 2012, the number of aliorumcides (not “suicides” at all, this caedere has nothing to do with sui) is unknown, just three days ago one family man hung himself from a tree outside our small town, and these loving people are not losers at all, and their divine souls are not going to hell at all, because essentially they are NOT the ones killing themselves at all!
Τhere can be no major social explosion in Greece, not even minor ones anymore, and no revolution whatsoever, for very specific historical and sociopolitical reasons that Plutonia and I will attempt to explain both in German and in English.
The global fascist state seems to have taken care of everything,
but the truth will shine, Beloved Friends.
They can never kill Love,
and Love Is All We Are.
Blessed Be!
Thank you so much Kosmas Loumakis for liking us. We are so grateful for you and for your awareness-raising work.


By Kosmas Loumakis

The number of suicides are skyrocketing in Greece. The Greek people have undoubtedly been hit very hard by the austerity cuts which have led to the fact that far too many, compared with just two years ago, take their lives.

Greece used to have the lowest recorded suicide rates in Europe. However, from spring 2010 there has been a very worrying rise in figures of people taking their own lives.

My sun-kissed motherland with once the lowest recorded suicide rates in Europe, have seen a huge rise in suicides. The first 6 months of this year we saw a surge in the number of suicides among the poor and those older than 65. It has risen by more than 37 percent against the same period for 2011  – 1 400 people have taken their lives since January 1.

All suicides are the result of depression, but…

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