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We are all daughters of the Goddess.

Let’s not forget our journeys’ start;

we are all females in the womb,

until some switch to male.

Just like the Earth circles the Sun

and not the other way around,

Eve was the one created first,

then complemented by Adam…

… who took the apple on his own, and

they made us blame Her for His faults.

Tremendous knowledge is kept from us

hidden away in some gloomy vaults.

Too long has evil here reigned free.

The Divine Male got scorned, lost, turned

into dominance, protectors into abusers,

destructive dames praised to the skies.

This state of affairs shall now end.

Beloved sisters, get off your knees.

Do not be afraid. We Are You.

We more and more remember.

Empower each other, please unite.

For strife and hatred you are not made.

Reclaim your lives and resurrect

the healing wisdom of your hearts.

Myriads of female incarnations

slumbering quietly inside of us

now awaken; we stand by you,

as glorious male warriors.

We are a force slowly amassed

through aeons of desolation.

Objectifiers are not our kin;

we stand in their way, ready to die

restoring you,

our sisters




For Plutonia, who held me in her arms and stopped my soul from bleeding. I wouldn’t be alive without you, my Queen of Hades. Although I was molded for you, the future of our bloodlines had been devoured long before we incarnated. This suffering will end with us, but our love will be spreading out in the deepest recesses of existence.


For my fellow guys of all ages who treat the females of their lives with appreciation and gratitude: thank you for working with me, for adoring and serving your goddesses, for letting this male dominance nightmare shatter. Despite the fact that they keep hammering us down, the balance of the cosmos is being tipped by us, my friends. A beloved fellow poet made me think about the etymology of “friend” recently: the root of the word goes back to Proto-Germanic frijojanan, “to love”, and it is also related to Old English freo, “free”. So friends are those people whose love for one another frees them! Let us be worthy of the friendship of the ladies who are blessing our lives through any forms and channels, and make them soar out of the darkness by helping them feel respected, valued, loved.


For all girls and women of this world: your pain is burning inside my veins; our blood is not synthetic yet. As long as I remember myself, I could never stand feeling your blessed bodies being treated as mere objects, your emotions disregarded, your souls torn. I am no part of any campaign, not paid by anyone to be preaching anything, utterly unambitious to co-found any sort of fancy organization or yet another religion. This is just a personal message from a grateful drop in our ocean of suffering, because I have always felt how much we all need your self-awareness, your balance, your strength. My whole existence is a prayer for your empowerment.

I have chosen two terrific songs for you: one showing our world is full of poison, the other giving us the antidote; demand the second from those who (will) matter in your lives, and celebrate yourselves. Because then we all march to war. Unconditional love has never been allowed to humankind en masse. As we are raising these extremely high vibrations of Love, they see us, our enemies are gathering, too, but please feel that we are by your side with our sacred thoughts and feelings, more aware and determined than ever. The Light always prevails; let us sisters and brothers hold hands, open our hearts and cast away this gloom for ever.

Eternal Blessings,

Leon of SolitaryThinkers, April 30, 2014

Your Body Is A Battleground – Delain

Energize Me – After Forever