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There Is A God Consciousness In Each Of Us

I am grateful to all of you who honour your divine aloneness without giving in to the illusion of loneliness.

Obviously you are not including me in “all”.

Welcome, child! How else could I help you express your complaints?

Well, yes; I have many. Why “illusion”? Is what I feel not real?

Yes and no. Lack and separation are always illusions.

But I do feel this aching hollowness! The pain is so real!

Yes, because you need it to be real, so that the God-spark that you are can feel the overwhelming need to reconnect with the cleansing divine fire.

OK, this sounds scary.

You are safe. This fire will only serve to cleanse your world from all impurity.

I still feel threatened somehow…

You do not need to; it is others who are impurity incarnate, not you; it is they who have tricked you into believing you are worthless and redundant. You are one of my divine children, a flame in the fire that will restore the cosmic balance. You are destined to reconnect with your fellow travelers and cast away the illusions created through all sorts of manipulations you are being subjected to.

Who is “they”?

Less-than-benign beings that feed on your life force.

You are scaring me again. How are they doing this?

By creating false realities in your world and planting false wishes in your heart.

What do you mean “false wishes”? I still wish to be someone in this world.

But you are someone. In every possible world.

One step at a time, please; I wish to be someone in this world now.

So that…

So that I become recognized and loved.

You can never go unrecognized and unloved by your true family. You are already recognized and much loved, my dear child.

… … …

Your soul feels ready to me. These tears are a sign of strength. You must go now; you do not have much time.

Stop it! Why are you making me cry? I have been feeling this yearning all my life! Where is this true family of mine? I can’t stand this separation for much longer!

Then the time is right. They are waiting, too. They feel just as lost as you do. You must reach out in every way you can; make your presence felt; help them find you; you are each others’ wishes come true. You are all ready to break out of your spiritual enslavement and prepare to fight together, because the war for your souls is about to begin; the Sun is approaching the Ram fast. See Me in everyone marching beside you. Go.


This is dedicated to two wonderful people, both of whom are in our blogroll: Cheryl Pennington, who has recently given me wings with the brilliance of her soul shining through her creative expressions in her Tropical Affair, and the astrologer Robert Phoenix who has been nourishing our (Leon’s and Plutonia’s) minds and hearts since 2010 with his amazing research and insights; his latest article ends on a similar note to this post of mine.

And to all of you dear fellow bloggers and kindred spirits everywhere reading these lines: we need each other more than ever now; there is no need to be afraid; just let us open our hearts and let our family grow.

Love and Light, Leon