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Into The Deep UnknownUntamed and wild, impressive northern sky
above an anciently alluring winter sea.
It looks as if no Sun has ever cast its rays
onto this glorious landscape,
the clouds so heavy and fierce;
layers of silver, ash and charcoal
reflect on bulging muscles
of drowsy ocean gods.

This heart beats strong,
my breath deep, warm;
Cold wind come, give me vigour.
Volcanic sand beneath my feet,
give way; I’m just as timeless.
Desolate shore, I fly along you,
for frozen ecstasy I prepare.
Presents, pasts, futures become One.
Primordial seas embrace me.


Written by a much younger Leon in a scorching summer heat during my military service in the mid-nineties. I was a long-distance runner back then, living on dreams of faraway lands, distilling rivers of past and future incarnations.

My heart and soul traverse even greater collective universes now in our darkest hour, and I am honored to be sharing this spiritual quest with you.