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Rising from the ashes of complacency

Pompous children yearning for the truth,
rising from the ashes of complacency,
we spread our wings, left time behind,
countdowns still pounding in our heads.
Adamant against power abuse,
disgusted by empty promises
of easy lives we knew we’d never know,
unable to be lulled into becoming
slaves of unethical machines,
we forged our armours, blazed our trails,
and just by being who we are,
we thundered down their lies.
They set up our demise.
Good blurs with evil and it’s sad
seeing this soup promoted,
but these dark ages will pass,
won’t be replaced by illusions.
Too many young souls need us now
to be united, heart and soul,
fight those who kill their lofty dreams,
so that they will not have to face
wastelands of lost tomorrows.

© Leon of SolitaryThinkers, 2014