Δυσ- is the prefix meaning “bad”
(for instance, see dysfunction),
and στρον is where “star” comes from,
so here is your Greek compound:
Δυσαστρία is “hard astrology”,
and here is a dys- of Leon’s.

Midheaven Sun-Mars Lion blaze,
squared by unfathomed depths
of Neptune floods and Lady Moon
in first-house Scorpion gloom.

How to contain such elements eternally at war,
primordial forces intertwined within one mortal coil?
Warrior’s passion, mystic’s tears, they seem to cancel out,
but if you seek no guarantees, your journey will be safe.
So, come on, fellow travellers, no need to fear the flames
or drowning in the deep unknown; they will not have their way.
Just keep at it, please persevere, for only love prevails.