world without end



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world without end

Bring us, O Lord God,
at our last awakening
into the house and gate of heav’n:

to enter into that gate
and dwell in that house,
where there shall be

no darkness nor dazzling,
but one equal light;

no noise nor silence,
but one equal music;

no fears nor hopes,
but one equal possession;

no ends nor beginnings,
but one equal eternity;

in the habitation
of thy glory and dominion,
world without end.



dreamed-up worlds


Has it ever occurred to you that pretty much everyone lives in their own world? Has their own viewpoints on things, their own opinions and presumptions which they each use to arrive at a totally personalized conclusion on reality? The world, as you and I see it, is a personal dream which admittedly appears very real. And yet you and I can see through the illusion at any moment, when we fix our internal gaze on the unchangeably real. Anything that sounds so simple, is for the mind an object of ridicule. But I ask you, who would ever really want love, were it something only effortfully attainable, set up to then generate even more complications?

We generally associate dreams exclusively with sleep. We are hardly aware of the fact that we move around in a constant dream, as soon as the mind is no more attending to the present moment. Our understanding of the usefulness of time and space has been limited to searching, finding or creating things and experiences that should fit into, or be removed from, our lives. Our so-called daydreams are being dreamed practically unceasingly, even with assigned definitions such as concepts, plans, wishes and will. Depending on the choices I make, I can totally casually identify my siblings in the dream as lovely or unlikable, pleasant or repulsive, by having constructed such views of them. After such a painstaking categorization process, how could I see a person under a different light than the one I have internally shed on him? And were then a sibling in our shared dream to behave in accordance with these preconceptions of mine, how can I not applaud myself for having formed them, affirming my right to see and evaluate each person exactly as it subconsciously suits me?

So this is indeed how I see in the dream all who are close to me. I dream them up exactly as lovingly or flawedly as my perception reveals them to me. Thus, for example, I can be spotting in another person inadequacies which are visible only to me because of my narrow point of view. I then obviously need to point out to other people these errors, and consequently also my anguish for not being understood, as I somehow strangely seem to be the only person noticing some things. Which could likewise be a definitive sign that the way I am embodying my part of the dream here, is not especially gracious. Why am I doing this to myself, enduring by my side such apparently inferior people? Have I lost my wits a little bit? Yes, exactly, that has to be it.


Just do an experiment for a few days, and don’t be so eager at recognizing in the other person the blemishes which annoy you or even make you angry. Stop looking for opportunities to strike and to raise yourself above them. Look beyond the unwelcome and identify what truly hides behind it. Because if they had no light in them which once united you, they could not be so close to you at all. Their light is still there, only you and I, we have unfortunately foolishly lost sight of it. Or in other words, we behold only the familiar, because we ourselves can no longer perceive the light in our own hearts without a doubt.

Christiane Luxus Lazarz translated by Leon Hieros

dreamed-up worlds


like honey in warm water


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We are sometimes moved to tears

by the love of unseen realms

when the seen seem so incongruent

we tune into what God says

through the sunlight

warmth of angels

on our side eternal friends

Then like honey in warm water

crystallized and dormant flow

in our souls our hearts dissolve

to be drunk by the Divine

where uncreated sweetness glows

like honey in warm water




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The Contemplative Path

Dear Lord, I ask for Your Blessing

On this day

Whatever it brings

Whoever I meet

Whatever I do

May whatever happens

Be done in Your Name

Whoever I meet

Feel the Blessing of Your Love

For who am I

And who do I seek to be

But a channel of Your Love

Nothing else really matters

Except to show compassion

To care for others

And to love one another

This is why You give us life

And this is what You ask of us

For this is Your Way

The Way of Love

Whatever else we believe

This is at its heart

This is at the very heart

Of all that it means

To follow You

And to be guided by You


This day and every day


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The Contemplative Path

Endless Invitations

Are sent to us with love

Come to Me

And be nourished by all that is provided

Come to Me

And walk with Me at every step

Come to Me

And rest deeply in My Love

Come to Me

And receive My Healing Grace

Come to Me

And understand you are forgiven

Come to Me

And come quite simply

Come to Me

And know you are loved for who you are

This day and every day


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