The Mystic’s Walk


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The Mystic's Walk

Mysticism is not an escape from the responsibilities and pressures of life. The Sufi master Bhai Sahib descrihed mystical life as “to bear the heat and burden of the day.” We have to learn to live the life of the soul, which itself is embodied in this world of form. The life of the soul embraces the two worlds, the outer dimension of time and space, and the timelessness of the eternal moment. As a mystic you stand with “both feet firmly on the ground and with your head you support the sky.” This is why mystical life is so demanding and why it is only for responsible men and women.

For many of us there comes a time when there seems to be no way forward, no way that echoes what we value or aspire to. This is the moment when we need to step aside from the stream of the collective, when we need to allow ourselves to become confused and lost.

For those who have the courage to become lost, a silent metamorphosis begins to take place. While our conditioned values tell us we need to know where we are going, the wayfarer begins to walk a different path – one that leads away from form and definitions towards the undefined and unexplored. If we step with both feet into this space of not knowing, a real hope can then surface. This is not the hope of a better future, not the hope born in patterns of time, but a hope that belongs to the rhythm of the soul, to the real becoming of ourself.

At this time those who want to make the journey leave behind the shore, while others stay close to the land, within the seeming security of the known. This is when mystical life becomes a lived possibility. when we can make the transition from a tangible world to one based upon the intangible sweetness of God’s love for us. For each of us this moment of transition will be different, and yet underneath it is the same because we are turning from our life to God’s life. We begin the great adventure, the search for what is real amidst the illusions of the world.

Taking this step is frightening. The wayfarer must leave behind everything she knows about her world. The sense of abandonment and loneliness can be overwhelming, and one must be strong and determined. But once you have seen through the collective bargaining of life, the mad rush of buying and selling that we have come to call progress, then a different picture can form. As in Plato’s story of the cave, you step away from the shadows falling on the wall, and see beyond the entrance of the cave to where sunlight is reflected on the water. Then you can know the real laughter and joy of being alive for God’s sake. In this moment something else is born, a quality of being and becoming that belongs to the soul.

If we base our life and sense of purpose upon the ego, then we will be left with the shifting shadows of its illusory self. This is one of the oldest philosophical truths that has been engraved into the foundation of so many cultures before our own. The ego is an illusion and so its perception of life, its values and goals, are based upon an illusion. Yet today we have become experts at building upon this sand, forgetting the primal truth of the flow of the tide, and the storms that build up out at sea, the unexpected hurricanes that wash everything away.

Those who have the courage to lose what others consider precious can leave behind these shifting foundations. They can step into the hinterland of their own soul, and begin to take responsibility for what is really theirs. The responsibility of the soul takes us where we can never imagine, into both terror and beauty. And it allows us to reclaim what our culture has lost, the wonder of what it means to belong to God.

For those interested in spiritual life, worldly challenges hold little interest. Instead, they are called to use their gift of consciousncss to praise and honor God who gave them this gift, whose divine spark they carry within their heart. ln order to praise God more fully, these individuals are drawn into religious or spiritual lives. Through the teachings and practices of the path, through prayer and devotion, they are able to purify themselves so that they can worship God more completely, so that their spiritual aspirations can become less obstructed by worldly desires or by instinctual drives. The work of purification helps us become more accessible to divine love, so that we can listen more attentively to God’s voice and be more sensitive to divine guidance.

Much of religious or spiritual life is a process of purification, whether this is done through exercise, chanting, fasting, or prayer. The more the practitioner works upon herself, the more she has access to her spiritual nature, the part of her that looks towards God. Gradually more and more of her consciousness becomes accessible to spiritual purposes; she is able to use more of this divine gift for its higher purpose: to praise and witness God. This work is a lifetime‘s struggle, a continuing process of purification, and the individual is constantly challenged by conflicting feelings and thoughts, by the desires of the ego and the pull of her own lower nature.

Today much of the process of purification takes the form of psychological work: confronting and integrating the shadow and other conflicting aspects of our psyche. Finding our faults is not just a process of separating the light from the dark, but also of integrating our darkness. For each of us it means taking upon ourselves the responsibility of being human. As we are taken into the realm of our own complexities, the price of self-knowledge is always more responsibility. We have to become responsible for our own darkness, for our own pain and lack of self-worth.

Slowly, gradually, the effort is rewarded; light is found in the darkness and it becomes easier and easier to look towards God. The religious or spiritual life becomes all-embracing as the individual is drawn more completely into the circle of remembrance. Divine love shines then more directly into our lives; the path of the soul is more visible. Those who remember, look towards God and come to know how much they are loved and supported in all aspects of their lives, in every moment of every day.

Purification is an essential aspect of spiritual life and religious life. Yet one of the distinguishing features of this work of preparation is that it remains focused on the transformation of the seeker herself. While the seeker might use her own effort to free herself from old patterns and offer herself in service, the mystic knows that real transformation can happen only through His grace. Only through His grace can something open within the heart, can the path become visible. Without His grace we remain locked in the prison of the ego, in the illusions of our own self. Progressing through predominantly linear and often predictable stages, the process of purification brings the seeker along the spiritual path towards the goals specific to her spiritual system. Much of contemporary spirituality that centers on personal development and transformation uses models of purification as the basis of its approach. lt is here that real mysticism is distinguished from spirituality, as the mystical journey is never about the mystic.

For the lover of God, purification is only preparation, part of the work that takes us to the arena of love. The real mystical journey is what happens when we lose ourselves, when we become absorbed in God. Within the circle of divine love, there is no path and no wayfarer, just a deepening absorption, a dissolving into what cannot be named. Here, the mystical truth that “there is no dervish, or if there is a dervish that dervish is not there” becomes a lived reality.

The mystical journey belongs to love, and not to any practices of purification. Having drunk the wine of divine intoxication “before the creation of the vine,” the mystic is born into this circle of love. She carries its hidden imprint as a scar within the heart. For the mystic there is neither the safety of a journey of spiritual ascent nor the certainty of redemption; there is neither paradise nor purgatory. The lover of God is not interested in personal salvation or enlightenment. Rather, she is destined to live a passion that has no boundaries, only the all-consuming nature of divine love.

That the mystical journey is not about the wayfarer, or leads to the death of the wayfarer, is so alien to our culture of self-identification as to be almost incomprehensible. Consequently, mysticism is generally misunderstood in the West. Even contemporary spiritual traditions more often than not confuse the work of preparation and purification with real mysticism. Spiritual traditions that have flourished in the West, have simply given Western values of individuality and progress a spiritual twist. Replacing material with spiritual well-being has placed spirituality firmly within our collective horizon. We have been given a spiritual rather than material dream to pursue. This may have made spirituality more accessible to a Western culture, but has done nothing to support a true mystical orientation.

Our culture is so addicted to achievement, to progress, and the siren of success, that we seem unable to escape this fantasy. We imagine that spiritual practices and techniques will free us from the limitations of our egoself, not realizing that the images of progress and goals that we project onto our new-found spiritual stage belong to the ego. No longer focusing on a better material life, we aspire towards spiritual goals, not realizing that we have just recreated a different form of self-interest. Is the enlightenment or inner peace we seek fundamentally different from the American dream of prosperity? Are we not just becoming slaves to another god or demon, another illusion? Sadly we do not recognize how easily we can lose the thread of our soul’s devotion in the mirage of conditioned spirituality.

How can we reclaim mysticism from the clutter and confusion of our contemporary spiritual marketplace? How can we discern the true freedom of our soul, the freedom in which everything is given, from the promises and practices of personal liberation? The mystic who has given herself to love knows what is beyond the borders of culture and conditioning. She inhabits a region of the soul where love and service are given freely and there is neither striving nor achievement. Living a relationship of oneness, she recognizes that the deepest longing of her heart belongs not to herself but to her Beloved.

Those who belong to this “brotherhood of migrants who keep watch on the world and for the world”, live without leaving traces, and are usually unrecognizable. In the outer world they are part of the crowd, playing their part, indistinguishable and unnoticed. Yet they hold the keys to the inner world, to the dimension of the soul and the real freedom that belongs to love. Belonging neither to this world nor to the next, they are the servants of love and carry the wisdom that comes from a commitment to love.

Unattached to form or structure, God’s lovers flow with the need of the time. wear the clothing and follow the outer customs of their environment. But inwardly they belong only to love, and are the guardians of the ways of love. Since the beginning of time they have played their part in the world, keeping open the gates of love and ensuring that divine grace flows freely into God’s creation. Because they belong only to their Beloved, and seek neither material nor spiritual gain, they can do this work. Empty of intention, they are a part of the will and ways of their Beloved.

There is a need for the ways of love to be reclaimed and made conscious, for the hidden ways of devotion and mystical belonging to be made known. In their simplicity and ordinariness, those who belong to God have remained hidden. enabling them to pursue their work of devotion and remembrance without interference. But underneath our present collective clamoring for spirituality there is a hunger for what is Real; there is a longing for pathways unpolluted by the conditioning of self-interest. God’s lovers hold the keys of these pathways in their heart, and can read the signs that lead seekers to the truth.

From The Signs of God, by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee.

Time in joy, never-ending


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Time in joy, never-ending

I created much of the above synthesis
during intervals of watching
the following video.

As a composer and pianist at heart,
a global Greek and quite Scorpionic myself,
I’ve always soared with Yanni’s soul expression.

Thanks also to his synastry at work with his violinist,
this live performance sweeps the audience off their feet.

In this illusion of time, may we be awakening to
more and more joyful Divine Love
Until The Last Moment:

Who just… Do you… Is this… one of us?!


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Violet Flame Guardians

Yes, I feel it too
He works with us
He is of a rare kind
and he needs us now
This is why we are here

replied the second angelic being in human form,
in a most melodic voice my mind translated into Greek
as I passed by them in the darkness during an otherwise
deeply unsettling “dream”, my garment of flesh asleep
on an old mattress on the floor of that apartment,
stage of heaviest lessons for quite a few souls.

he must continue
must be replenished
Evil eyes surround him
eager to drag him down
angry with his higher focus
So good he is in tune with us
Our light will be protecting him

Without a single word or glance being exchanged,
without even my slowing down while walking by them,
totally imperceptibly to all aggressive, fearful entities,
our three auras expanded and grew into one sphere,
imbuing me with some of their angelic strength,
shielding me for the attacks that followed.

* * *

Jolting back into my body with a racing heart,
seeing Plutonia looking down at me from the couch
she had been trying herself to get some sleep or rest on
after one of those long, unbelievably exhausting days,
I described to her in detail this lifting of the veil, and
my fellow spiritual warrior wept with recognition,
having experienced herself instances of both
intrusions from the lower astral planes
and inner communion with
guardian angels.

* * *

Today, a couple of weeks later, it still stays with us,
the shielding Light of those divine messengers,
despite our heavy, desperate circumstances.
We are not victims of circumstances;
no soul can afford believing this.
Whatever happens in our lives,
we are never, ever alone.
Good always triumphs
in perfect timing,
Dear Ones.

Here’s to all our meaningful trials and sacred healing journeys.
Here’s to our co-creating everything we need from within.
without falling prey to any who promise quick fixes,
however long our remembrance seems to take.
Let us continue praying each other’s way
showers of blessings, gratitude,
Divine trust, wisdom,




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An introduction with the paradise scenes…

and here the lovely film: TheLovelyBones

Dieses Leben but a bridge


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Dieses Leben but a bridge

See also

New Histories In The Making, Old Futures Born Again

Genuinely happy


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Genuinely happy

doesn’t actually mean

they always have to smile.

You don’t see them around, for

they don’t have enough to go around.

Homelessness looming over their heads.

they still share your building so gratefully.

You’re struggling middle class, they outcasts,

their endless effort cancelled out by sabotages

so heavy you don’t have the nerve to listen to.

You cannot handle how they make ends meet.

You’d rather share more reasonable challenges.

So you prefer accusing them of avoiding you,

of being too anything to change their lives.

They are among the ones who change all,

and exactly therefore they could never

live up to this world’s expectations,

now not even to your stereotypes

of the servitude of poverty.

They’ve been serving more

than you can imagine.

Their humility is

too authentic

to be accepted

as readily as the

power they exude,

so gentle and yet scary,

because it makes you ponder

that under this load of theirs,

you would be crushed for sure.

Alien to your alliances, they seem

lost in the abode of Hades and yet

glowing with enviable brightness.

So easy to keep stepping on them,

guiltlessly increasing their debts,

saying you do hope for their best,

that somehow they (o paradox)

find some decent jobs and be

paying even more taxes,

keep the system alive,

become integrated,

or, preferably,







Too aged

anyway now

to become normal,

functional cogs of your

Protestant-imbued society

whose fakeness sickens you

with fear-based metaphysics.

But the system works for you.

They are Not here to destroy it,

but regardless of their intention,

it’s them, its rejects who threaten

your worldview in a silent way,

the economy with loud collapse.

Your reflection in them’s weird,

their mirror here for a reason.

Do they ever force it on you?

Don’t they applaud your

ensuring the survival

of you and yours?

Your children

are theirs,




they will feel

no schadenfreude

if your turn comes

to be in their shoes.

Freude for them is

too deep an ode,

a constant like

their breath,

and one day

your soul

will sing

it too.



you disregard,

talk behind their back

and even feel jealous of

genuinely happy people,

know it is deep suffering

they have been transmuting

that makes them appreciative

of the purpose of everything,

every good or bad thing

in Everyone’s life.

Their breath is

not of this







but They

are happy,

because They

are the ones who

Genuinely happy - Great breath

know it;







live it.

This is how

they manage

to be breathing

in this illusion.

You always share

their every breath.

Why not make yours

a blessing for them too?

Open to higher consciousness

and transform this world in Love.

Bow to the divinity in one another

and be genuinely happy.

It is time.

A good time

for spreading sacredness.

Leon From Hades to Light, Summer of 2016

Genuinely happy - Higher Self

Silent Might Exegesis: speaking, seeing, hearing good


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Silent Might Exegesis 1of4

Silent Might Exegesis 2of4

Silent Might Exegesis 3of4

Silent Might Exegesis 4of4

“Gandhi’s Three Monkeys” by Indian artist Subodh Gupta. Mahatma Gandhi’s one notable exception to his lifestyle of non-possession was a small statue of the three monkeys.




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Dominica / Κυριακή 5 Ιουνίου 2016, through Λέων

G.O.L.D._Leiendecker-Vereint im Herzen Jesu

During the last months, I have met some truly special people here online through their honest and lovely thoughts and creations, stunningly beautiful souls I share various kinships with and feel loving connections to. I thank you all from my heart. Our personal and collective circumstances here do not allow me to be writing much, but you are included in my heart prayers of gratitude. I humbly invoke God’s blessings for you our friends, as I do for my Beloved and myself and the few Dear Ones who have been accompanying us from the start of this journey. We all silently participate in each other’s divine protection. Whatever we experience in the educational illusion of this world, we clear space inside us and around us for the divine energy of life. No harm can reach our deepest heart when we help build our own and others’ spheres of Light with intent.

Grow Omnipotent Love!” encourages us Dominus, God, the Divine Mother/Father each one of us is an important, irreplaceable flame of. I share with you this artwork of breathtaking beauty above by Hans Georg Leiendecker, entitled Vereint im Herzen Jesu / United in Jesus’ Heart, to help you envision a golden sphere of Light surrounding you, a valuable tool I have been using during the better part of this [empath] life of mine.

This sphere is so powerful, all harmful thoughts and energies coming from outside bounce off of it, getting neutralized or transmuted by God, blessing your opponents too. Only the higher vibrations of Love penetrate your golden sphere of Light freely and immediately, for these are the vibrations that heal and nourish you and everyone you touch, even just by thinking of them.

Breathe calmly

as often as you can

stilling your mind even for

just a few moments at a time

Feel the ebb and the flow of your breath

moving by God’s unconditional Love for you

Breathe out blue; fears, worries, tension leaving

Breathe in gold; healing pulsing through you

Sphere forming beautifully around you

Your holy angels assist you always

clearing space for the Divine

Breathing in gratitude

for all life, all in

divine order

Out blue

In gold

Out blue

Sphere stronger

Love and forgiveness

spreading all over the world

This moment is one with Eternity

Each moment is perfect in itself

YOU are perfect in your Self

forever safely enfolded

in the boundless


Love of



My Brothers and Sisters, you, all of you together, comprise the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it. Therefore, God has appointed each one to fulfill a specific role. First of all in the Church come the apostles, second the prophets, third the teachers, then the miracle workers, the healers, those who help wherever needed, those who offer guidance, and those who speak different kinds of languages. Are all apostles? Are all prophets? Are all teachers? Do all work miracles? Do all have gifts of healing? Do all speak in tongues? Do all know how to interpret them? Now your zeal must be focused on the greater gifts. And I will show you the most excellent way of all; the way of love.

If I speak in the tongues of men and even of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.

Love is patient; love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Love never fails.

Even if prophecies cease; tongues be stilled; knowledge passes away.

Αγάπη never fails.

Ἡ ἀγάπη οὐδέποτε ἐκπίπτει.

O Ύμνος της Αγάπης

1 Corinthians 12:27-31, 13:1-8

Music by Εμμανουήλ Χατζημάρκος

Narrated and psalmed by Πέτρος Γαϊτάνος

Calming the spirit, creating peace

with the original Greek

Hymn of Love:

Where is this special one for me?” you ask

In heavenly glory our higher selves bask

In God’s perfect time we meet, hearts brighter than gold,

to cleanse our divine souls of hurts new and old

Leon From Hades to Light, May 2016


Hans Georg Leiendecker, Wege ins Herz / Ways into the Heart

Back to Our Nature, my brave Brothers


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Back to Our Nature, my brave Brothers

Back to Your Nature, my aching Sisters


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Back to Your Nature, my aching Sisters

Ageless Little Suns / Listen With Your Heart


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Ageless Little Suns

L = Leon

M = Michael; a 70-year-old fruit vendor in our weekly market, whom I had not seen before and have not seen again since about two months ago, when our below-described encounter took place, in an initially inside-and-out cold morning.

M: (still talking to his previous male customer, to whom I believe he has just given away some fruit) “… Only your love; I want nothing else. And never mind them in high places; they cannot undo what we are.”

L: “Good morning.”

M: “Good morning.”

L:60 cents per kilo, these oranges?” (He has better-looking ones on his bench, with 1 Euro per kilo)

M: “Yes; but allow me; you’re not buying anything unless you try first…” (in no time he takes a little knife and deftly peels a ripe orange, leaving its base for me to hold it by)

L: “No no, thanks, it’s not necessary…” (*I disagrrrowl*, goes my stomach)

M: “It’s OK, son” (offers it to me, turns to serve another customer, returns as I am swallowing the last mouthful of sweetest fragrant sunlight)

L: “May you always have its sweetness.”

M: “You too. Here (handing me a plastic bag); choose what you like.”

After a while I give him back a half-full bag to weigh, and as I am handing him a couple of coins and am about to thank him and leave, I feel him serenely staring at me…

M: “What is your name?”

L: (hesitating for a breath, a little overwhelmed by the somehow otherwordly, ageless radiance coming through this elderly man’s quietly kind demeanour) “Λέων.

Μ:Come here, Λέων (actually he comes round to me, to the customers’ side of the bench). Open your bag. These are from me. They are fine inside, it’s only their skin, see? Squeeze some nice juice out of them.”

L: “Thank you so much… If you knew how we are struggling…” (I cannot keep these words from flowing out of my heart; I feel like I am talking to an all-understanding, most compassionate angel in human form)

M: … (keeps on silently filling my bag, knows I am not whining or expecting any response, feels my gratitude and I… as we stand side by side… I feel his blessings enfold me like a warm blanket!)

L: “And your name?”

M: “Μιχάλης”

L: … (Michael? My guardian Archangel? Thank you Heaven for always hearing!) Thank you so much Μιχάλη.”

M: “Be well, son.”

Ageless Little Suns - Our baby orange trees

God in You ∞ You in God


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God in You - You in God

Love to those who cannot feel Happy on Mother’s Day


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Love to those who cannot say Happy Mother's Day-Queen of Saints and Angels

Love to those who cannot say Happy Mother's Day-Healing In Your Presence



Chant & Event- Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh Adonai Tsabayoth


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Holy, Ηoly, Ηoly is the Lord God of Hosts / Heilig, Ηeilig, Ηeilig ist der Herr der Herrscharren (Isaiah / Jesaja 6:3)

Two days ago, while my Beloved was still in the arms of Morpheas, I chanted along with the 33-minute-long-mantra video included in the following (auch deutschsprachiges) post, gently working in spirit with her, with our precious brother Daniel, with all of you beautiful friends and all our angels. I sat in front of our ex-home-office window, closed my eyes, there being no Sun visible to physically connect with, and this chanting is so profoundly calming, I didn’t have to try to keep out all the ugly things attacking our Light; it happened naturally and I was safely connected to All That Is.
And suddenly I felt my face being bathed in the warmth of my Ruler. Within a few minutes, in an absence of wind and without it even being my intention, the heavily chemtrailed sky had completely cleared up, and stayed clear for two more hours.

Peace still breathes through me today, and I pray it will be expanding through all our hearts. Chant with us whenever you can; silently is just as effective. Maybe you’ll want to bookmark this sacred web space. God bless you vocal alchemist Kyria Hava Kyrie & Kyria Mystica. God bless you Daniel and all Dear Ones in the English- and German-speaking worlds. For working with Plutonia and me from your all-wise, all-loving Higher Selves into this world in all your many wonderful ways, I most humbly thank you.

In Divine Love and Courage,


Kyria Aluéla Lumina - Priestess of Melchizedekia Kyria Mystica : The Vocal Alchemist

( Friede auf Erden und Guten Willen zu Alle)


“Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God of Hosts”

(Heilig, heilig, heilig ist der Herr aller Herrscharren )

Pronounced from Hebrew

(Kadosh  – Kadoish – Kadeusch)


Keep chanting all year to 9.9.16 – see the chant below

Chante das ganze Jahr bis 9.9.16 – lese in deutsch unten – auch mit Videos



We chant this holiest Mantra to our raise Consciousness & that of the earth.

This praise chant to YHWH protects from negative consciousness influences. It lifts us to our I AM presense – our highest potential. It is the highest vibrating Mantra for ascension to the 9-9-9 Vibrational Level.

999 is the Buddha or Angel realm of wisdom and compassion- 999 is the highest Vibration we can achieve as…

View original post 503 more words

Οι Αποσκευές


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A translated poem with some visual art
and a live performance by two of our
most beloved Greek musical artists.

Translated transcript of the beginning of the video below:

Show presenter Spyros Papadopoulos:
“Errr… the Maestro, where is he? I’m looking for Stefano Korkoli; yes. Theeere he is! He wants to makes a grand entry, got it? Come on, buddy!” (Laughs. Stefanos enters and heads for the piano, while everyone else walks off to leave just the two of them on stage.)

Tenor vocalist Mario Frangoulis:
“Yes; this is a song by Paraskevas Karasoulos, written on a poem of his I mean, a song that has really marked me, since the music was written by Stefanos of course, and a song that, errr, I’d say describes my whole life. Stefane…”

Οι Αποσκευές

Translated transcript of the end of the video below:

Mario Frangoulis:
“Bravo, Stefane… Stefanos is really one of my most favourite contemporary composers, whose feeling becomes their music, and music is all of their feeling. And so, he describes me completely; as a musician, as a human being, and as a friend… Thank you, Stefane…”


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