two ways



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two ways

God is at once personal and impersonal. He is an impersonal Person – that is, He is not only the all-pervading, nameless and formless Reality, but He is also all that have names and forms.

There are two ways to realise Him – one to expand the ego, the individual, to infinity and the other to reduce it to nothing. The former is the path of knowledge, the latter that of devotion. The Jnani says: “I am God – the universal Truth.” The Bhakta says: “I am nothing, O Lord, You are everything.” In both cases the ego-sense disappears. The second is the safer and surer way – to take refuge in God and be ever under His protection.

Swami Ramdas, from Thus Speaks Ramdas.


world without end



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world without end

Bring us, O Lord God,
at our last awakening
into the house and gate of heav’n:

to enter into that gate
and dwell in that house,
where there shall be

no darkness nor dazzling,
but one equal light;

no noise nor silence,
but one equal music;

no fears nor hopes,
but one equal possession;

no ends nor beginnings,
but one equal eternity;

in the habitation
of thy glory and dominion,
world without end.



Die Engel, gechannelt durch Ann Albers, übersetzt von Yvonne Mohr, 27.02.2021


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Wonderful German translation of Dancing in Harmony in a Diverse Universe:
Thank you dearest Ann!
Danke liebste Yvonne!
Danke liebste Emmy!
👼 👼 👼

Ein neuer Morgen Emmy.X & Elke

Herzlichen Dank an Yvonne Mohr und ihren Blog “Licht der Welten” und einen recht herzlichen Dank an die Engel und an Ann Albers 💖💖💖

“In jedem Atemzug – in jedem Mikro-Moment – tanzt dieses Universum winziger Wesen, aus denen der Körper besteht, den ihr “Du” nennt, in einer unvorstellbaren Harmonie miteinander.


“…euer Leben und alles Leben ist eine ineinander verwobene Matrix von Wundern – eine Symphonie der Vielfalt, die in einem koordinierten Tanz jenseits eurer kühnsten Träume wirkt.”

Ich beginne jetzt, bewusst meine Träume zu weben. Es sei – in Liebe und in Einklang mit der Natur. Die Änderung meiner Perspektive und ich BIN frei.

Ich BIN das Licht. Ich BIN die Liebe. Ich BIN die Wahrheit. Ich BIN

in Liebe


❤ ❤ ❤


An dieser Stelle erfolgt – wie immer – der ausdrückliche Hinweis darauf, sich selbst zu informieren, bei Bedarf weiter zu recherchieren und…

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The ones you loved,
they love you still,
and always, always will.
The parent who almost never cared,
friends, lovers blind to a soul you bared,
and God we place too far to feel…
“They” always, always will.

The full moon speaks:
“My” light seems bright;
I’m naught without our Sun.
And he, in turn, a mortal star,
just borrows from our Source not far.
Eternal Presence through us.
Not many. Only One.

Breathe now. Just breathe.
One system, all our lungs.
Worship no one.
Only our One.
Only our One.

Such deep devotion
to our One.


Thank you 😊




Thank you thoughts of expectations

Thank you for the feeling of hurt

Thank you for the feeling of weakness

Thank you each drops of tears

Thank you for the hard feeling in the middle of chest

A big thank you to Beloved to identify the illusion

Thank you that it hurt instead of giving joy

Else, this mind would have still hold onto it

Now, let it all dissolve from where it appeared

Let it all dissolve in the source

Gate gate paragathe parasamgathe bodhi svaha 😊🙏

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to lay down your life



Mystic Morning Blog

to hold the vibrating essence of the one within your inner silence

is to stand and turn

within the peaceful garden of your stilled essence

to offer a love you would offer the long forgotten father of your soul

a father barely remembered

his calling voice barely heard

after an absence of longing for something still shrouded in unknowing

returning along a path less travelled guided by the distant flickering light of faith

to the one unknown but only forgotten

wafts of the ether of remembrance grace the senses

the dawn of an embrace of deep love unfolds

a flood of remembrance follows

the essence of love between a mother and child permeates the air

joy springs from the depths of the earth

oneing becomes one and one becomes oneing wrapping into itself

foals, fawns, and lambs leap with joy among blossomed fields

such is the love that breaks through…

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Source rays dissipating personhood


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The goal lies away from the sensual world. It is not a rejection of the sensual world, but understanding it so well that we no longer seek it as an end in itself. We no longer expect the sensory world to satisfy us. We no longer demand that sensory consciousness be anything other than an existing condition that we can use skillfully according to time and place.

Ajahn Sumedho