Cycle of the Sun’s self-sacrificial heat


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To feel God’s
loving hand
in all this

breathe in
prayed your way
through the ones

who have
no ego to get lost
in the dream




In Sacred Presence

Cycle of the Sun's self-sacrificial heat

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20 euros


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Yesterday in our weekly market.

There in front of me, he is suddenly standing.

We haven’t seen each other for a quarter of a century, and even back then as soldiers, we never shared many words. It wasn’t necessary.

It isn’t necessary. We just stand here face to face, eyes shining bright, hearts glowing with God’s love.

How are you? How can I help you? Open your heart to me. I am your brother. How can I help you?”

Warm questions asked gently, with no curiosity or pressure, and no exchange of information ensuing; only words of divine trust and empowerment for our missions here on Earth, warm tears streaming down cold cheeks, and a long, tight heart-to-heart hug in the middle of this busy, for-a-while-noiseless street.

He reaches into his pocket, takes something out and slides it into mine.

Oh, please now. See these nice vegetables here? We do have food on our table. Whatever you just…”

It is not mine.”

You have struggles of your own…”

What was in my pocket did not belong to me. I knew. Christ told me this morning. I knew I would meet a brother. Everything will fall into place. You will see.”

Manolis, Μανώλης is his name. Diminutive of Εμμανουήλ, Emmanuel, “God is with us”.

Plutonia has been waiting in our old little car some streets away. She cannot walk without pains these days. “Here, my beautiful Love; this cauliflower head, fresh and white enough? And nice potatoes. And eggs. And lettuce and kale leaves and fresh green onions. And the kitchen tool that broke down last week, days after we bought it? How much did it cost? Et Voilà! From Heaven for us.”

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It’s not about the money or the food or the struggles, Loves. It’s not about anything of this world. Ever. It’s only about the Divine working through the visible, through us all, thanks to everything we go through.

Thank you for your presence here and in our hearts.

God bless us all.

Leon In Sacred Presence

Gratitude, Beloved Emmanuel:

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74. Be Still Inside Challenging Times


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Truest Power
Thank You Michelle
💛🙏 Leon

Michelle Adam

BLOG 74—(present reflections tied to August 2000 journal entries about my healing and novel writing journey)—A friend recently shared a profound dream with me: she was inside her house and animals began entering in droves, one after another. She became scared as they continued to come inside.

But then she saw a Liona wise, divine, and beautiful Lion drawing her away from her fear. Just ask for what you want, the Lion advised her, and she knew in that moment that she had to choose between her fear and the immense beauty and wisdom of the Lion. My friend took the Lion’s advice and her entire demeanor inside her dream changed. She faced the animals, and simply asked them, without fear or doubt, to leave. They did.

While my friend was deeply touched by the message of the dream, it seemed the energy of the Lion and…

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For Grandeur


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Does any artist paint for the sake of the picture itself,
without the hope of offering some good?
No, but for the sake of the viewers and the young
who will be drawn by it and freed from cares.
Or does any potter hastily throw a pot or a bowl
without any thought of what it will hold?
Does any calligrapher write for the script alone
without any regard for the reader?

The external form is for the sake of something unseen
and that took shape for something else unseen.
Just as the moves in a game of chess
reveal the results of each move in what follows.
They make one move to conceal another move,
and that for something else, and so on and on.
So move on, aware of reasons within reasons,
one move after another to checkmate.

One step is for the sake of another,
like the rungs of a ladder, to reach the roof.
The hunger for food produces semen;
semen is for procreation, and the light in the parents’ eyes.
Someone with dulled vision sees no further than this:
his intelligence has no movement; it vegetates.
Whether a plant is summoned or not,
it stays planted within the soil.
t be deceived if the wind bends it.
Its head says, “We obey the zephyr’s request,”
while its feet say, “Leave us alone!”
Since he does not know how to move,
he advances on trust like the blind.
Consider what acting on trust means in a war:
it’s like the gambler trusting the throw of the dice.

But if someone’s insight is unfrozen, it penetrates the veil.
He sees with his own eye in the present
What will come to pass in ten years’ time.
In the same way, everyone sees the unseen and the future,
both good and bad, according to the measure of his insight.
When the barriers in front and behind are removed,
the eye penetrates and reads the Tablet of the Unseen.
When he looks back to origin of existence,
the beginning and all the past display themselves,
including the argument between the angels of earth
and the Divine Majesty, their resistence
to recognize our Father Adam as God’s steward.

And when he casts his eyes forward,
he sees all that will come to pass until the Gathering.
Therefore he sees back to the root of the root,
and forward to Day of Decision.
Anyone, to the degree of his enlightenment,
sees as much as he has polished of himself.
The more he polishes, the more he sees,
the more visible do the forms become.
If you say purity is by the grace of God,
this success in polishing is also through that Generosity.
That work and prayer is in proportion to the yearning:
People have nothing but what they have striven for.

God alone is the giver of aspiration:
no rough brute aspires to kingliness,
nor does God’s gift of good fortune preclude
one’s own consent and will and choice.
But when He brings trouble upon some ill-fated person,
he ungratefully packs off in flight.
Whereas when God brings trouble upon a blessed man,
he just draws nearer to God.
In battle the cowardly, from fear of their lives,
have chosen their means of escape.
But heroes are borne forward by their fear and pain.
From fear, too, the weak soul dies from within itself.
Tribulation and fear for one’s life are touchstones
to distinguish the cowardly from the brave.

Mathnawi IV, 2881 and following
Translated by Kabir Helminski


You were

born for



and even
on the
you cannot






Όλα τα Καλά της Γης και του Ουρανού

Σήμερα και Πάντα, Αγαπημένη Αμαζόνα!

Αρχαγγελική Αγάπη και Κουράγιο!

Η Θεά Είναι Πάντα Μαζί Σου!

Προσευχές Ευγνωμοσύνης,

Λέων Εν Ιερά Παρουσία

8 Νοεμβρίου 2017

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Only microphones


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Only microphones

It is as though the pure Consciousness is saving the life of the conditioned consciousness by absorbing it into itself; its own Source.

[Woman from the audience]
How is it possible, in the form of a human body, that we can discover formless, which is You?

Yes… Of all the bodies that are available on this planet, the human body is the most appropriate. In the human body, the Consciousness has the diversity of expression, the power, the ability to reflect upon itself, much better than in other forms of Consciousness here. It is called blessedness to inherit a human body, because Consciousness is manifesting in many different forms. The human body, it is capable of reflecting upon itself, to meditate upon the Supreme, to merge in the Source…

Yes… What a display, of its power. Because even the form is Consciousness; even the form itself is Consciousness. Just like we see, all these things we see here, existed first as thought, and then, through desire, they became concrete forms of thought. As I said before, even the natural things, the organic things, they were and are the concrete forms of God’s thought, including these bodies, the instrument through which He could manifest His power, and beauty.

But Consciousness is such a diverse… If it had to manifest, it must manifest through some system of duality, because in order to experience, duality is necessary. And if it’s going to manifest in the plane of relativity, it must do it to the extreme. It cannot leave out any thing. It must be able to be extremely good and extremely bad, the capacity. So it must taste the possibilities of each interrelated opposite. And each one, according to their unique… you may call destiny, or karma, will reap the fruits of their activities in accordance with the will of the supreme Being.

We don’t have to think about that. It is enough that you are called by the Grace, and that… it means that somehow there is a capacity now, displaying in the form… The potential is always there, because the seed is the one Self; there is only God… manifesting as all this diversity. This is at the highest understanding. Because even God who decides to wear a face, just in order to be perceived in some conceptual level by the different races and religions according to the tendencies, he has also a faceless face. He can be with face or without face.

I feel that all my life is offered…


Every breath is already offered before I say it.


We cannot deny it.

… Only one who has gone beyond choice may say that.

We forget that the capacity of Consciousness, the human mind cannot comprehend. How vast… Nobody can know the mind of God, and no one can come to the end of the mind in that way, or to know all things in that way; and certainly not through study; and not through the cerebral knowledge; it cannot do it. It can never taste, if it is revealed inside the heart, to give you a taste of the energy of knowledge, of knowingness, of that divine kind of knowing, but I don’t feel anything is as great as the knowing which Is.

Names and forms and shapes; this kind of knowing is not so important. The knowing of the Self, which is not informational knowing, where knowing and being are one, that is the true knowing. I don’t know if it is… if the word should be knowledge, if it should be called knowledge, because it is easily misunderstood that knowledge is something that you collect and that you… you hold unto and have the sense of knowing. But when we speak of self-knowledge, it is this… it’s not a knowledge of information. It is the knowing where knowing and beingness are one; where you are the answer. But not you personally. Sometimes human beings think of themselves only in personal terms. We’ve not yet grasped that we are essentially Consciousness. We relate to ourselves as only bodymind entities, with deep conditioning, but have not, but are afraid it seems, to discover ourselves as Consciousness. Consciousness is the most pure. And this is why this invitation has brought you to a seeing that you did not expect. You didn’t think it out, you didn’t work it out… you did not create it. Because it is uncreated. You discover that which is uncreated.

Now, is it blasphemous that this capacity is within you to discover that which is beyond the world of names and forms?

Who gave you the freedom to reach so far?

You see… No one can surprise God. If it is revealed in your heart, then no one can act contrary to the will of the Supreme. It is because somehow it chooses to reveal itself inside you, that you may have such… such… Not by human ability, is one able to grasp such things. It’s only by the supreme intelligence.

[Voice from the audience]
Because it’s the very source of perception.

Yes. He says, because it is the very source of perception. It is that within which the functioning of perception is perceived, and yet it does not lose any power to that. Nor is it personally concerned about it. From that higher place, there’s nothing for it to be concerned about, because everything is it… Automatically takes care of it. But on the level, from the perspective of duality, and from the sense of individuality, then things are perceived in a different way. The function of Consciousness and the intellect, the vital force and the body, is very different; in different zones and regions of Consciousness. And yet, it can also be felt as nothing. No quality; beyond quality. Beyond quality. It is very difficult for human beings to appreciate something as beyond quality, because we venerate quality, we… we venerate knowledge and we love the love for things, because we consider our self as something. That higher knowledge which trasmutes… It doesn’t transmute actually; it’s just that it… it finds the… the kind of… material identity as being gross, more coarse. Without cynicism I say that. And the subtler, the subtler ways of Consciousness does not need arms and legs even, to experience life.

I love you so much…

I love you too.

Love you so much… I can’t lie…

Yes. All glory to the Supreme One. Maybe it is the final thing for us to so much be in a state of surrender or introspection, that the sense of separateness is eaten up, or dissolves, where there’s no pride, there’s no arrogance, there’s no separation, there’s no vanity… But it is not easily found, because the power of the senses in this plane of Consciousness is indeed strong. But we are not to worry about that. If your attention is fully immersed in the Being, everything will turn out just right. We don’t have to solve things one by one, just like a fisherman goes out and… or, a boy goes to the river to catch a fish with the string, but the fisherman casts his net and catches thousands. The one who has immersed his mind inside… In such a one, the universal Consciousness is in full bloom.

[A French-speaking man with the help of a translator shares a few words, touching Mooji’s heart]

When Consciousness reveals itself in such simple way… When the Consciousness is somehow displaying itself in such simple way, then it is… It’s so much joy! Because… I want to tell you something that… Every thing that has manifested upon the Earth and has been put in the hands of men, have been distorted. While we have in our heart the belief that we are persons, we have desire, and every thing, every thing we touch, we change. We cannot give up this habit. The very fact that we manifest… our thoughts, our desires… are affecting the very thing we desire, the very thing we think about, is affected by our contact, even if it is not physical; it is changing it. It is perhaps here that the basis is made that… that everything in this world is a dream. In itself, the raw material manifestation is just what it is, but this is not the way we experience it; we experience it through our conditioning and culture and desire and idenity… All of these act upon what we see. And then we take it as though what we see is a fact and should be a fact for everybody. But everything you see and you apply your own projections onto, we make it into a fiction, and not a fact. It is here why I say, there can never be a universal oneness that we approach through the mind. This is the significance of recognizing when I say, you must be like the cow that jumps over the moon. And this invitation is in effect like this, because look how… if we ask you, on the basis of your person, your view on the world and what the world needs to become a better place, there’ll be as many different opinions as there are people. Sometimes the same person will put several opinions. But when you are asked to follow this invitation, and to look from the no-mind place, how we are in agreement and nobody argues why, because you’re discovering from your heart and not from your mind. There can never be “one world” from the mind, because the people, the people who start off as if being the winners of it, they themselves will change, because that’s the nature of the manifest world, we have the sense or the feeling of being persons; we are under a spell that we cannot… we cannot control our projections. We are like… we are like… like dwarves behind huge dogs, being pulled about, our minds will drag us about. Only when we come again from the place of the heart, where all our testimonies are one… It is here that we are one. It is here that we must discover, to discover the true oneness. Judge for yourself; search within your own self, contemplate a little, and see if you come up with a different answer.

But not all powers in the world… not all peoples in the world aspire for such a unity. You may find, innocent as it appears to be, there will be great resistance to destroy an understanding that is so innocent. Such is the nature of a world that is driven by egoic… or egotism. Then we have a chance to see what we are protecting is the very thing we should drop. But you cannot drop it, until you find that which is true. It is only then it will surface in you, the confidence to see the real as the real and the false as the false. We don’t give things up necessarily because they are true or untrue. We hold onto things because we are attached to them. We like to think we make rational decisions as when something is right or wrong, or true or false, but when it comes down to it, it’s just how much involved in it you are.

When a human being have in their heart an aspiration for the True, then something rushes powerfully to meet them and to take them home, because so valuable is a being who is awake to the True, who is like… lights the path of thousands, and who is not selfish. Is it not you? Is it not you? Who told you it’s not you? When the voice calls for Truth, and for the one who longs for Truth, is it not you?

It looks as if everything is a projection from our self.

Yes… Yes… Good and bad.

Rumi says, “My body and my soul play dice with my Beloved; …”


… if I lose, I’m with him; if I win, He is mine.”

He also said, ”Make of myself a hole in a flute, so that your wind goes through me and may play your melody.” (Man goes into namaste)

Yes… Yes… Thank you… Hallelujah… (They embrace) Je t’aime! (Audience laughs) Is it impolite or improper to say such a thing? (More laughter and interaction with the audience)

[Another French speaker, a woman, is called to the microphone; same translator]

I wanted to thank you from all of my heart… It’s only through your Grace that can feed my whole being… It’s only You… I thank everybody because there’s just only One. All that is said was me. I need to thank you infinitely. I go tomorrow but I don’t go. I give thanks from my heart.

Yes, thank You. Thank you from my heart.

It’s only your heart. It’s only your heart in me.

Yes. There really Is only One Heart. And it’s He.

By your grace only I am.

😔 This body is only a microphone so that you can speak to God.


Thank you.

Thank you.


Transcribed by Leon, 2:01-2:34 of this beautiful satsang:



2:46-end: divinely healing embraces


He takes by the hand


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The daisy by Josephine Wall

Himself as a child

Τον εαυτό του παιδί

written and sung by Mario Frangoulis

I have experienced this many times over


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I’m not joking; I’m telling you what I’ve found. Knowledge can be conveyed, but not wisdom. It can be found, it can be lived, it is possible to be carried by it, miracles can be performed with it, but it cannot be expressed and taught with words. This was what I, even as a young man, sometimes suspected, what has driven me away from teachers. I have found a thought, Govinda, which you’ll again regard as a joke or foolishness, but which is my best thought. It says: The opposite of every truth is just as true! That is to say, any truth can only be expressed and put into words when it is one-sided. Everything is one-sided which can be thought with the mind and said with words, it’s all one-sided, all just one half, all lacks completeness, roundness, unity. When the exalted Gotama spoke in his teachings of the world, he had to divide it into Sansara and Nirvana, into deception and truth, into suffering and salvation. It cannot be done differently, there is no other way for the person who wants to teach. But the world itself, what exists around us and inside of us, is never one-sided. A person or an act is never entirely Sansara or entirely Nirvana, a person is never entirely holy or entirely sinful. It does really seem like this, of course, because we are subject to the deception that time is something real. Time is not real, Govinda; I have experienced this many times over. And if time is not real, then the divide which seems to separate the world from eternity, suffering from blissfulness, evil from good, is also a deception.”

“How come?” asked Govinda timidly.

“Listen well, my dear, listen well! The sinner, which I am and which you are, is a sinner, but in times to come he will be Brahma again, he will reach the Nirvana, will be Buddha —and now see: these ‘times to come’ are a deception, are only a parable! The sinner is not on his way to become a Buddha, he is not in the process of developing, though our capacity for thinking does not know how else to picture these things. No, within the sinner is now and today already the future Buddha, his future is already all there, you have to worship in him, in yourself, in everyone, the Buddha which is coming into being, the possible, the hidden Buddha. The world, my friend Govinda, is not imperfect, or on a slow path towards perfection: no, it is perfect in every moment, all sin already carries the divine forgiveness in itself, all small children already have the old person in themselves, all infants already have death, all dying people the eternal life. It is not possible for any person to see how far another one has already progressed on his path; in the robber and dice-gambler, the Buddha is waiting; in the Brahman, the robber is waiting. In deep meditation, there is the possibility to put time out of existence, to see all life which was, is, and will be as if it was simultaneous, and there everything is good, everything is perfect, everything is Brahman. Therefore, I see whatever exists as good, death is to me like life, sin like holiness, wisdom like foolishness, everything has to be as it is, everything only requires my consent, only my willingness, my loving agreement, to be good for me, to do nothing but work for my benefit, to be unable to ever harm me. I have experienced on my body and on my soul that I needed sin very much, I needed lust, the desire for possessions, vanity, and needed the most shameful despair, in order to learn how to give up all resistance, in order to learn how to love the world, in order to stop comparing it to some world I wished and imagined, to some kind of perfection I had made up, but to leave it instead as it is and to love it and to enjoy being a part of it. —These, oh Govinda, are some of the thoughts which have come into my mind.”

From Siddharta, by Hermann Hesse

Hermann and Leon