only You



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Flood my soul

Help me spread Your fragrance wherever I go.
Flood my soul with Your Spirit and Life.
Penetrate and possess my whole being
so utterly,
that my life may
be only a radiance of Yours.
Shine through me
and be so in me
that every
soul I know
will feel Your presence in my soul.
Let them look up
and see no longer me,
but only You.


world without end



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world without end

Bring us, O Lord God,
at our last awakening
into the house and gate of heav’n:

to enter into that gate
and dwell in that house,
where there shall be

no darkness nor dazzling,
but one equal light;

no noise nor silence,
but one equal music;

no fears nor hopes,
but one equal possession;

no ends nor beginnings,
but one equal eternity;

in the habitation
of thy glory and dominion,
world without end.



Be troubled no longer


Love's Beginning

It is important to realize your strength. Your playtime with ego has been about pretending to be weak and separate entities. This healing drama with coronavirus you are experiencing is a way for you to understand how willing you are to believe that weakness is real, that weakness can kill, that killing is real. These beliefs are in the light. You can pick them up and thrust them into the darkness again. Or you can allow them to sit in the light and then watch as they fade and disappear. When those beliefs are gone, you realize that they were never real, and that they trouble you no longer.

It is important to make your strength, the strength you share with all, real in your experience. Your strength heals all and transforms every situation into which you step, every situation about which you think. When you look at another, you…

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Keep a Royal Distance From Your Thoughts



It was so good in India, what happened.


And two days it went like that, and… but I continued that… It’s…

They continued?

I continued with meditation. Just good. It came when I just sit silently, I sit contemplating, just sit simple that… just with attention to the self.

Everything will just settle down. It’s natural for the mind to come up like that, no?

Something that… last time for me was like miracle… –but today, it’s still continuing– and then after two days… First time I saw that attention goes back, and it’s normal… It just stayed like that, today! It stayed!

It’s good for us, because our mind, it cannot stay underneath too long; it has to come to the surface. That’s because of your own sadhana, your own satsang. It has to keep coming up at the surface. So it can feel a bit like that, but at least it’s more visible than hidden. So they come up like that, and then they just dissipate, it just goes away, dissipates…

But Mooji, you said, “You go on practicing, and attention can just stay, it just comes, comes, comes…”

Even more than that, I say even your idea before attention. You can watch where the attention is going. So if you can see that you can watch even attention, you must really try and understand: Where are you to watch attention? You are already to pace. You know, the attention can only come to you, or it can go out, towards phenomena. But really, when attention is here, it just returns to you; it’s not you… Very often, we… we identify with attention, but attention is also capable of observing. You know?
Because sometimes people can say, “My attention is very restless today”, and, “I can’t control my attention, it’s going all over the place…”
I say don’t worry! You are here! You are not going all over the place! The
attention is going. If you pay attention to your self, which is really here, just acknowledge that you are already here.

That’s the more natural attention, to acknowledge that. You are already here.
You cannot be the attention running about. If you identify with that, then you feel restless; you take on the quality of restless attention.
But if you stay in the place where it is witnessed that the attention is going, don’t worry about that, just be with the stillness that is your self.

And that is so… so… powerful, because it doesn’t mean you have to go… If you are just with your self, attention has to come back to you. Because it cannot live without you. It’s like a parasite that cannot live without the thing it’s living on. So in a sense, all these forces have to come to you. If you acknowledge your self, know what you are, as just the pure awareness, the formless awareness somehow resting in itself, all your powers like attention, the body, belief, identity… all these have to come back to it. They come back and they become quiet. Very naturally.

But sometimes, there is some storm in the mind, in the bodymind,
and it’s going to move like that, and the way through it, is
leave it!
Like Sri Maharaj says,
“I leave my human nature to play out its role.
I remain as I am. As pure consciousness.”
That’s a
very clear seeing, who sees that human nature is behaving sometimes, you know, very irritable, sometimes this and that… He doesn’t identify with that, he says, “Somehow something is causing that to be, maybe past life, maybe old behavior, but I’m not concerned with that now, I am not identified with that state anymore. I don’t call that state ‘me’. I just continue, just resting inside my own awareness”.
So if he’s resting in his own awareness, that human side that’s running around, can’t do that for much longer, because it needs
attention. If nobody’s looking at it… You see, the mind can only perform if it has an audience. If there’s no one to give it attention, then it doesn’t exist, you know? And the attention comes from you; even attention comes from you. So you’re not even the attention.

Observe these few points when really caught and remembered, because that’s what happens: we tend to forget where we really are.

Where you really are, is the Self.
That’s not moving.
When you remember that,
things like attention, goings on of the mind, behavior… don’t mean very much.
You see that they’re just phenomena… Soon forgotten… Soon pass… You know?
Just like any cloud keeps changing; nobody has to force them. Mm? So, it’s all good.

Now, whenever people talk about these things, they feel like,
“Oh, I’m not doing so well at the moment, because…”
Stop that! It’s not true, you know? Don’t judge yourself with your thoughts, you know? You’re not your thoughts! When they come, if you hold on to them, you create a relationship and an identity with them, and of course you’re gonna feel, “Oh, I’m not doing very well”, because no thought is doing particularly well, you know? They just… they keep changing… Even nice ones after a while, it goes into some silly place or something…

So, it’s good to be aware of thoughts, make use of them also,
but keep your royal distance from them.
Don’t identify.
Your self is not a thought.
That is one hundred percent sure.
But our self-
belief maybe thought construct is there.

So this difference we have to just keep recognizing, until the whole thing looks very silly after a while. So to keep watching it and seeing that it’s the one thing you have to overcome and to transcend in life, and that is your mind attachment, your belief in the mind. It’s only that to be overcome. The identity that is created in the mind, and the mind play.
You have to understand;
that’s your ship; that’s your house. You have to understand how that mind works and how… and that without identity, it doesn’t have any power.
Once you understand that, and you see that you are neither of those two, that you are the witness of them, already the whole thing cannot hold and you find again your self. And it’s like one; one. One thing, more and more.

This is all. This is all now. Over the years of wrestling so much with different ideas about myself and so on and so forth, it became very simple:
Oh! All this was nonsense! It’s not true! My thoughts are not me. But my thoughts make me feel I am them. If I believe in them, I start to feel, Oh, you know, I’m having a bad day today, and so on and so on and so on.

A thought cannot have a bad day. It’s just the believer in the thought that can have a bad day. But the believer in the thought, is also kind of thought, you know? The believer in the thought, the one who says, Oh, I can’t get out of this state, please help me… That one is also a thought. It’s the most dangerous thought actually, because nobody suspects it is a thought. We all think it is us. And because we think it is us, our life becomes very unstable; unstable, and not steady. Because even that identity is not steady.

The only steady thing is the Self. Which is what we really are. And that’s all that satsang is here to really point out and to get everyone to see and to acknowledge. And it takes time, because we’ve been a bit a stranger to ourself for a very long time… being in the role of personhood and identity and so on. We’ve been under role for a very long time; wearing body after body; carrying this strong identification.

So I put it that this life is the life to finish all that; that delusion. Really is, and it’s a wonderful feeling… Hehehehe… And you’re well on your way! Well on the way; well on the way, well on the way…

Well, we feel very happy to see you today, and this coming up… So nice to see you back, and talk to you soon! Yeah, yeah, yeah, love you, love you, love you…

Mooji transcribed by Leon Hieros

Keep a Royal Distance From Your Thoughts


and from the ether of life – the dance of the pearls are called



Unbelievably meaningful beauty.
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Mystic Morning Blog

imagine if you will

like pearls of crystal clear droplets of many different sizes

condensing on a leaf

deep in the misty jungle

perched high above a pool of perfectly still reflection

light glistens from above in each droplet

the pool of stillness below beckons

a subtle force acting on each one

to follow pathways unknown

pulling towards the source

unseen yet as powerful as gravity

it is the divine force of love

its voice only heard by an opening heart

its beauty only seen by a beating heart

surface tension firmly holds the smallest droplets

a half hearted self resistance to movement

larger droplets filled with a knowing of what lies beyond share their being of love

sensed from the pool below and captured from the ether of life, offering the essence required to overcome their resistance

droplets of ever expanding heart begin to grow

overcoming that which holds…

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